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Adventage of Formwork plywood:

 1.  High turnover efficiency and low cost.

2.  Good utility efficiency: It is easy to be separated from concrete and its agglutination capacity is only 1/6 to 1/7 of steel moulding board. The product can make rather smooth concrete surface without plastering so that it can dramatically reduce the workload and the work time can be reduced by 30 percent.
3.  Excellent thermal performance: With low heat conduction rate, it is suitable for winter and cold area.
4.  Light while large, it is easy to be installed and dismantled so that you can save 30 percent of work time.
5.  Perfect working performance: It has a lot of advantages in sawing or drilling compared with bamboo plywood or steel moulding board, and it can also be processed to different shapes.

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