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China's foreign trade environment for policy tightening will be introduced to encourage

 Ministry of Commerce recently issued "China's foreign trade situation report (autumn 2008)," is expected, in 2008 China's total imports and exports of goods will reach 2,600,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 20%. At the same time, in 2009 the world economic situation will become even more complex and severe, foreign trade situation is not optimistic that the Chinese government promulgated in the future will be more support for the policy of enterprises and exports. 

Ministry of Commerce of the view that the situation in the past three quarters, China's import and export situation is good, but world economic growth may continue to slow down, demand in the international market continues to weaken, after a few months of this year China's foreign trade development of the external environment will be further tightening . 

   Major institutions at home and abroad predicted that the United States and Europe on the three major economies have been on the brink of recession, the United States in the fourth quarter of negative growth in GDP is likely to continue, Europe and Japan the third and fourth quarter GDP will be negative growth. At present, the United States and Europe on the day of the three major economies, the direct and indirect exports of China's total exports accounted for nearly 60%. 

   In addition, developing countries and emerging economies began to slow down growth, emerging markets to maintain rapid export growth more difficult. 

   At the same time report that while the international economic situation and the deterioration of China's imports and exports could be further deepened, but China's foreign trade maintained stable and rapid development of the favorable conditions and there are still many positive factors. 

   First of all, China's export industry has become a strong competitive advantage. Secondly, the international economy down, China's export products still have a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, emerging markets and developing countries have great potential for the market. 

   The report notes that the country will further improve the external trade environment. Will further adjust the import and export taxes, foreign exchange management policy, to take the necessary measures to support enterprises and exports, encourage financial institutions to increase loans to small and medium-sized export enterprises, expand direct financing channels for small and medium enterprises to increase imports of domestic needs.

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